Logos and Icons

A collection of logos, icons, and other visual goodness.



Chomps are a paper toy made from a single sheet of paper. The site was created to mimic the movement from the finished toy. Featured on Behance Product Design.

It will take a while to load, as it’s on a free plan.

Belv the Deer.png

Belv the Deer @ Simple
A play on words. Created a mascot for the homegrown customer service app called Belvedere

Geometri Illustrations.png

Geometric Illustrations @ Simple
In-app illustrations used to support the text.

Ember Island.png

Ember Islands
Adding an identity to the open source project Ember Islands.

Bus Detective.png

Bus Detective

Bus Detective was the first locally-made mobile app to provide real-time arrival data for Cincinnati Metro buses. Created the identity, marketing site, and event graphics.  


Gaslight Logo @ Gaslight Software
The first project when hired to rebrand the company. The logo plays with angle brackets and pixels to represent the design and development shop.

Reach Clinton County.png

Reach Clinton County @ Gaslight Software
Reach Clinton County is a partnership with Treehouse to provide online training to an area hard-hit by changing industries. Partnered with copywriter Michelle Taute.

Queen City Pitties.png

Queen City Pitties
A logo to support legalizing local pitbull adoption in Cincinnati. Featured on Behance AIGA Member Gallery