Scaling contact — Simple


Simple is an online bank with budgeting tools built into one simple app. This product team focused on reducing risky and inefficient experiences for both customers and the internal Simple team.

Initial work focused on enabling customers to view, update, and confirm information about their account, helping gain momentum as a new team.

From there, the team worked on a high priority business need to stop fraudulent users from money laundering.  I drove a holistic approach that re-evaluated the high-risk bank linking process. One workstream focused on integrating a partner application and mapping a new identification process, giving the internal team a tool to identify fraudulent users.

I also lead the product team through user journey mapping and solution workshops to address customer needs. In addition to seamlessly integrating an externally designed app, I created and presented a backlog focused on an improved customer experience. Overall, the project reduced time a customer spent linking a bank and made a significant dent into reducing accounts linked by fraudulent users.